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6W ultra thin foursquare LED Panel light


foursquare 6W 120*120mm ultra thin LED Panel light

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Foursquare shape LED ceiling panel light


Small Power Ultra Thin

SMD 2835 foursquare shape ultra thin LED Panel lamp

Size(mm) Cut-out Size(mm) Input voltage LED type LED qty Power Output lumens(Milk cover) Beam Angle Package
PCS/ctn GW
90*90mm 65mm AC85-265V SMD2835 15pcs 3W 250 lm 120° 100pcs/ctn 23.3kgs/ctn
105*105mm 90mm AC85-265V SMD2835 20pcs 4W 300 lm 120° 40pcs/ctn 13.5kgs/ctn
120*120mm 105mm AC85-265V SMD2835 30pcs 6W 450 lm 120° 40pcs/ctn 15.5kgs/ctn
146*146mm 130mm AC85-265V SMD2835 45pcs 9W 650 lm 120° 30pcs/ctn 16.2kgs/ctn
174*174mm 160mm AC85-265V SMD2835 60pcs 12W 850 lm 120° 30pcs/ctn 19.5kgs/ctn
190*190mm 175mm AC85-265V SMD2835 75pcs 15W 1100 lm 120° 20pcs/ctn 17.5kgs/ctn
200*200mm 190mm AC85-265V SMD2835 90pcs 18W 1300 lm 120° 20pcs/ctn 21kgs/ctn

Features of SMD 2835 Panel light: 

1. Unique and super-slim designation.  

2. Wide range of voltage which can be used all over the world. Constant current voltage range ensures protect the lifespan and brightness from voltage fluctuations. 

3. Environmental-friendly: no mercury, no pollution. Assembly components can be very easily dismantled and outfit. Other people can recycle them without the help of manufacturers 

4. Safe and reliable. The driver isolates the high voltage and low voltage which ensure safety 

5. More than 50000 hour's lifespan can save a lot of maintenance expense 

6. No ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. Human won't grow flecks even under the light long time. 

7. High range of color temperature, almost all the color temperatures are available. 

8. The light is very soft. 


2835 Square LED ceiling panel light Application place:
This LED Panel light is widely used in shopping mall,exclusiue shop,restaurant,4S shop,factory,hospital and amusemet place