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30W-200W New 3030 LED floodlight


New SMD3030 LED floodlight

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New fashion SMD 3030 Philips LED Flood light 100w


Philips SMD 3030 or Epistar COB Chip available


 30W/50W/70W/100W/150W/200W available

Item No Power Driver Input voltage CRI CCT Light efficiency Beam Angle Size Material Inner box/kg LED Chip
LF30W-C 30W Built in constant current driver AC85-265V ≧80 3000K 4000K 6000K 90LM/W-110LM/W 120degree 199*189*73mm AL shell + AL fins+tempered glass
21*20.5*7.5cm/3KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030
LF50W-C 50W 282*207*104mm 34.2*27.7*22.2cm/3.5KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030
LF70W-C 70W 282*207*119mm 34.2*27.7*22.2cm/3.8KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030
LF100W-C 100W Waterproof CE driver outside 270*260*156mm 38.7*34.2*25.7cm/6.5KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030
LF150W-C 150W 315*280*189mm 38.5*37.5*27cm/8KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030
LF200W-C 200W 380*330*178mm 51*42*27cm/9.7KG COB Epistar/Philips 3030


LED Flood light Advantage: 
1. Low power, high lumen, super energy- saving, power consumption is 1/3 of common energy-
Saving lamps, 1/10 of incandescent lamps. 
2. Multiple color choices for different environment lighting. 
3. Hi-tech, the third generation lighting source. 
4. No any heavy metals in components, harmless to human body and environment. 
5. Easy to install and remove, no need maintenance. 


LED Flood lamp Application:
It is widely used in billboards, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings, hotel façade, and other outdoor places.